The Big Beginning | John 1:1

Join us this season as we shift our focus away from the typical holiday clichés to rethink Christmas by elevating Jesus as our CREATOR, the one born in a CRIB, who journeyed to the CROSS, and ascended  to receive the CROWN as King of Kings. Make the Church Project daily devotionals a regular part of your spiritual rhythm of life during this Advent season and beyond.

The Big Beginning


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word Was God. John 1:1


Some days are tougher than others. Some days are lonelier than others. Some days feel as though they will never end. Thankfully, because Jesus Christ is God, means He's able to handle the needs of our heart. 

Assuring the heart is what John is doing by letting us know Jesus Christ is God. There are deep truths within this opening verse. Run your eyes over the words of verse one several times, take them in.

"In the beginning"

Jesus was preexistent, before Jesus ever had an earthly ministry, He was. Before the creation of the heavens and earth, Jesus was, before, beyond and behind all of creation. Beyond His earthly life, beyond the beginning of the world into eternity – that's where Jesus was. Scripture reminds us, God has been addressing us in different ways, through prophets, priests, and kings He spoke to His people. He spoke most clearly through Jesus. He perfectly mirrors God and is stamped with God’s nature, in Jesus all things are held together. He is the big beginning, because there's nothing between or before Him, we can be assured there are no days in our life that outstrip God’s presence and power. 

"Jesus was with God"

The key in this verse is the word "with." It's a subtle statement with a massive meaning. The Trinity is involved here. There is diversity within the Godhead. Christ has a separate personality. He's not just an idea, a dimension, a thought, or some vague example, but a real person who lives with God, dwells with God and is also Himself God. There is God the Father who reigns in power, God the Son who rules in love and God the Spirit who relates and expresses the power and love of God.

"and the word was God" 

All that can be said about God the Father, can be said about God the Son. In Jesus is all the wisdom, glory, power, love, holiness, tenderness, justice, goodness, and the truth of the Father. In Jesus, God the Father is known.  

How tragic it would be for Jesus followers to be so familiar with His position and miss His presence. How sad to have been near Him and not have known Him.


Open His word, welcome the Spirit to lead you through scripture.