John 1:12

Join us this season as we RETHINK CHRISTMAS by refocusing our attention on Jesus, who, as the MAKER of creation, was born in a MANGER, taking on all our limitations; who went to the cross, defeated every foe as the rightful MESSIAH, and ascended to be seated on the throne in MAJESTY. Make our daily devotionals a part of your regular rhythm of spiritual growth.


His Gift to Us


“. . . to become children of God, . . .” John 1:12


A restless mind and restless heart cannot be tamed very long with sedation. Our moments of godly emotions are frequently interrupted by our unsettled soul. We are fully aware that the ripples of freedom on the surface of our fragile souls cannot become a tidal wave of truth until we descend into the inner sanctum of our graced selves and begin listening to our God who says, “I’m with you” and all is well. 

The coming of the Spirit is the sequel of the incarnation and every day around this world the Holy Spirit enters the hearts of those who welcome Him as their Lord. By receiving the Spirit, we are marked as children of God causing our heart to cry out, “Abba” Father.

“Abba” is how Jesus addressed God the Father. Until Jesus, no one had approached God as He did. Jesus’ utterance of this word expressed His attitude, His life of prayer and the entire spirit of His relationship with God. The twelve disciples of Jesus were profoundly affected by the Abba of Jesus. Abba became the watchword of the early church, when Christians called God Abba, they were joined in the Spirit. 

When we believe in Christ, we see Him as the Son of God, our Redeemer. At once, our heart is awakened, our consciousness is aware, love leaps forth, joy comes alive, our spirit is born again, stirring a supernatural confession from within us, causing us to cry Abba Father. We are made children of God and we confidently know it.

Knowing God as our Father and we are his children is no mere sentiment. Rather, it’s born in our heart and the Holy Spirit bears witness within us that we are His. It’s His gift to us. The witness of Sonship follows our adoption and seals it. When a child is physically born there is a cry; the cry is evidence of life. 

From salvation, a new life of grace begins, we are born of the Spirit. There is still much for the Spirit to give, much to accomplish in us. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth, all holiness, all comfort, we learn to walk in the Spirit as children, praying “Abba, lead me.” 


Sit quietly, wait for His Spirit to lead you into the love of God, causing you to say “Abba.”