John 1:9

Join us this season as we RETHINK CHRISTMAS by refocusing our attention on Jesus, who, as the MAKER of creation, was born in a MANGER, taking on all our limitations; who went to the cross, defeated every foe as the rightful MESSIAH, and ascended to be seated on the throne in MAJESTY. Make our daily devotionals a part of your regular rhythm of spiritual growth.


Back to Bethlehem


“. . . coming into the world, . . .”John 1:9


Rethink Christmas. Re-imagine this season with the mind of Christ. When you do you’ll discover He is more than enough. Gone are the tensions, trials, and turmoil that signal entrapment by our worldly desires. The restless scanning of the horizon for new experiences ceases, the constant turbulence of the mind to find new escapes and distractions disappear. 

Our ability to think again this Christmas season comes from our sacred union with Him. This is the gift – that God has generously poured His love into our hearts through the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s what allows us to move out of this world and into a transparent life with God.

We are carried back to Bethlehem, we see Jesus in the arms of Mary, drawing His life from a fragile human woman. The Son of God enters the world like any other son, born of a woman and under the law. God’s Son was put under the power of the law. He faced its most stringent requirements. He submitted to all its demands, even the ones He had come to abolish. He took on the law that He might liberate us from it. 

Redemption was Christ’s mission, to pierce the darkness and redeem us from the guilt of our sin. To sever the separation and bring salvation, and to bring light, reconstructing our possibility, purpose, and potential through adoption. As enemies, we are reconciled to God by the death of His son. Salvation is not through the death of Christ alone. 

While the cross leads to a clearing away of all past, present, and future sin, His incarnate life and union with the human heart sustains forgiveness, making our redemption complete and permanent. 

The babe in Bethlehem is crowned Lord of Lords, He is our Redeemer, as well as the man of Calvary. It’s true that the cross is the center of redemption, but His life carries a vast circumference. All that Christ is, and is doing, as the incarnate God-man helps to make us children of the most high. Jesus entered into the world in a manger that He might enter as Christ into the hearts of all.  


Has Jesus the Christ made His home in your heart?