John 1:18

The Utter Delight Of God


“No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten God . . .” John 1:18


It’s positively undeniable that the vital theme in the personal life of Jesus – the theme that speaks to the very essence of who He is – is His ongoing trust, His deep intimacy, His abiding love of His heavenly Father. The interior life of Jesus was completely centered on God the Father. 

The key for understanding the gospel story, the foundation of Jesus’ compelling demands, the source of His strength was His intimacy with God as Father. The incarnation will remain beyond us until we see Jesus’ closeness to God the Father. It’s there we touch the very heart of His personality. 

He disclosed His connection to us, to His disciples, by saying, “if you really knew me, you would know my Father.” Because of His connection to God the Father, He lived life with great grace. It freed Him from all self-concern, it empowered Him to relate to others with sympathizing love.

Jesus brought to earth a revolutionary understanding of God. He revealed the extravagance of the Father’s compassionate heart. Jesus showed the utter delight of God reconciling the lost and broken back to Himself. For the disciple, God is no other than as He is seen in the person of Jesus. Knowing the heart of the Father is the central revelation of the New Testament. 

There’s an instinct, a healthy suspicion, that tells them the way to know God is to know Jesus. And that knowing Jesus will bring them into intimacy with God. Yet many decline the connection with Him, because they are aware that our ways are not His ways, nor their hopes His hopes. Knowing Christ is a dangerous thing because it exposes the darkness of the heart. 

Yet, we are reluctant to receive the love of God. Stop grasping at the gaudy garbage of this world for security. Let Jesus meet you on the wounded terrain of your soul, there you will find there is Christ, and He is everything.


When you think of the incarnation, how important can anything else be?