John 1:17

Rejecting Rejection


“. . . grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.” John 1:17


Vague feelings of uneasiness before God transcends all economic, educational and ethnic boundaries. Without a glimpse of Jesus, we are destined to live in rejection of God. We find we continually punish ourselves mercilessly for the things we’ve done, as well for the things we’ve imagined. 

Fortunately, Christ has revealed God to us in an unmistakably human form and has given us a way to become free. It takes a profound conversion to be rescued from our own rejection. We stubbornly stand still, we dig our heels in when the Lord is calling us to deeper growth; it’s pure hard-heartedness and adds up to a dangerous lack of trust. 

It’s a detailed history of rejection John presents in his gospel. He tells the story of Christ’s miracles and the jealousy they caused; of His teaching with authority and the opposition it stirred up; His revealing His divine nature, His mercy, His power to give life, His humble self-sacrifice and the misunderstandings which ran parallel to all these manifestations.

John tells of how the religious leaders plotted to entangle Him, how they took up stones to stone Him, how they schemed at length to crucify Him. Followed by the patience, kindness, and long-suffering with which He met the rejection of sinners, though He was rudely received with suspicion, coldness, and hostility, He did not turn His back on the world. He never forgot. He didn’t come to judge us on our merits, but to save the world from its sin and stubbornness. For the sake of the few who received Him, He endured the many who rejected Him.

Some rejected their rejection, receiving Him gladly, many could confess they had beheld His glory. Through the Son the glory of God had risen upon many gradually, and gracefully His beauty was revealed. They saw the incarnate Word, full of grace and truth.

In the face of Jesus they saw the Father, in His eyes they saw grace, in His words they heard love, by His hands they felt the helpfulness of God. What the law revealed in flirting shadows was now clearly manifested through Jesus the Christ. And to those who received Him, He gave the right to become children of God.


Who will free us from our rejection? Thanks be to Jesus Christ.