John 1:16

Inexhaustible Fullness


“For of His fullness . . .” John 1:16


Children of God. That’s the immediate result of our salvation in Christ as the revealer of the Father. In Him we see what it means to truly belong to God. God moved into our neighborhood, we saw His glory with our own eyes, we saw Jesus, who, like Father, like Son, is generous inside and out. As we acknowledge the Father, His Spirit brings us into a relationship of children. 

We receive grace upon grace. All that is in God passes into us and, through Christ, we share in the life of God. In all His ways, grace and truth over-flowingly manifest themselves. The words of John were born out of his own experience. What he had seen and touched in Christ became his own character. And so it is meant to be with us.

The inexhaustible fullness of grace upon grace in Christ is discovered, renewed. We live off all He is. It’s the life of Jesus that maintains our life. By continually abiding in Him, we are formed into His likeness. Still, today, the incarnation goes unnoticed, just as it had at the beginning. 

The entrance of the Creator was so insignificant that not even the religious system took any notice of it. The great Roman world remained unconscious that they were in the vicinity of God. They registered His birth to account for Him in their census and taxed the parents, but were no more aware that He was God than the oxen who shared the stable with Him. 

The incarnation divides humanity into two classes – those who accept Him and those who reject Him. Jesus’ contemporaries showed complete ignorance of spiritual greatness and the inability to receive Him when presented. They saw Him with the same stupid, unconscious bovine stare as the cattle by the stable. 

Jesus’ complete indifference to human opinion is disturbing to our way of life. His claims were made with authority and truth. His words, His character were so consistent that His critics were half persuaded He was all He said. Yet, people knowing Jesus is full of grace and truth still refuse to connect to Him. 


Is it possible that in the presence of the manifestation of God you have remained indifferent?