John 1:15

You are Not the Light


“John bore witness of Him, . . .” John 1:15


The Light did more than shine. It brought life to the mind, spirit, and heart of everyone who opened their lives to it. Salvation is God’s Word becoming flesh in anyone who believes. Real life, real Sonship comes, not by physical creation, but by rebirth – a complete and radical renewal of life as we know it. 

The scripture makes it clear that it’s possible to be acquainted with the works of Jesus and still miss the fact that God is powerfully present to save. His glory is hidden which only the eye of faith can see because it was expressed in humility of life without a parade or fanfare. To ensure we didn’t miss Jesus, God sent one who would awaken our spiritual alertness, someone who would point to Him. 

John the Baptist was sent by God to point to Jesus. We are told three times in the first chapter of John that he was not the Light, but was to give witness to the Light. In no uncertain terms, John makes clear that no matter how great he may seem, he is much less than the One who comes after him.

One of the common struggles for believers is how to give witness in a way that focuses attention on Jesus and not on ourselves. We begin by remembering we are not the Light, we only point to the One who is the Light. We are only a sign.

Imagine you’re traveling and come to a crossroad. There stands a sign that tells you which way to go. The sign has to be clear and unhindered by weeds and foliage that might block its message. Also, the sign must relate to the city, the sign must point to the city and represent it faithfully. The sign points to the city, but is not the city. Otherwise, it will be of no help and only confuse people who read it.

In order for us to be authentic witnesses to Christ, there must be something in us that points to Him, so that those who watch and listen to us see and hear something of Jesus. For us to be a sign, others must be able to read the name of Jesus on us.


Think of some ways in which your life can point to Jesus.