John 1:14

Taking Responsibility


“. . . and dwelt among us, . . .” John 1:14


I’m responsible. It’s one of the most powerful phases one can utter. It acknowledges the power present for us to change. It emphasizes the duty we have to take action and it empowers us to regain control of life. We are not victims or bystanders. By accepting responsibility for whatever the conditions may be, we begin a journey of intentionally and constantly creating a new outcome.

Because the incarnation happened, every disciple is awakened to the power of cause and effect. God took responsibility in Christ and the Word became flesh, thus affecting all our attitudes, choices, and actions. 

Since God has loved us, we then should love one another. Look at the incarnation, at the love which so moved Christ to take our place, to identify Himself with us. Think of the magnitude this one act has breathed into human life, showing us the possibilities of our love toward others. 

It’s impossible to think of the incarnation and not have our cold, hard nature melted by such a great display of the love of God. Take hold of it, receive it gladly, accept His love as your own, let the love of Jesus transform you into His own likeness and you will love others in the same way. You’ll discover it’s impossible to receive Christ’s love without communicating it. 

As Christ’s love became incarnate, not spending itself in one great moment of love, rather, it manifested itself in the daily details, in all the monotonous work which life requires, in the struggles and successes. In the same way, our love must be incarnated into all the earthly conditions life brings to us. 

In our families, our work as employers, or as the employed, we are thrown together by hundreds of necessities of life; in all these connections, we are to be guided, which prompted Christ to become incarnate. Our only hope of helping others depends upon this. Our impact on the world will be measured by how well we incarnated the love of Jesus through our life.


Taking responsibility to bear another’s burden can only be done when we identify with Christ’s incarnation.