John 1:12

Join us this season as we RETHINK CHRISTMAS by refocusing our attention on Jesus, who, as the MAKER of creation, was born in a MANGER taking on all our limitations; who went to the cross, defeated every foe as the rightful MESSIAH, and ascended to be seated on the throne in MAJESTY. Make our daily Devos a part of your regular rhythm of spiritual growth.

Tilting Christmas


“But as many as received Him, . . .” John 1:12


Many things can take us back to Christmas past. A song, lights, a certain food or drink, a tree, even a smell, can transport us back to our favorite warm, happy, holiday memories.

Emotions are powerful and, just as experience can shape our recall of holidays gone by, if we are not careful, we can tilt Christmas toward reminiscence of how this season makes us feel. Our suburban, nostalgic thoughts of a safe, clean, plentiful holiday celebration are not the standard of what Christmas is all about. 

Christmas in our city is often about giving and getting the right kinds of gifts. Throwing and going to the right kind of parties, even orchestrating and participating in the right kind of worship celebrations. Tilting Christmas means a tilt away from our understanding of the Christ incarnation.

The incarnation is a powerful reality. God was not willing to watch human despair from the safety of heaven. He clothed Himself in humanity. He ceased watching the war and became a soldier. Why did He do it? Because life is not clean and safe, it’s full of bumps, bruises, pain, and heartache. God loves us and was not willing to let us bear the pain alone. So God became flesh to redeem.

Jesus didn’t come to those who thought they had it all together. He didn’t come to those who thought they were already successful. He came those in need, to those who knew they were lost causes. Jesus came to fill that which was missing in all of us. And therein lies the problem of tilting Christmas toward our personal perspective and expectation. 

This is the season of glitter and gifts, food and family. Yet, among all the twinkle and tinsel we can forget Jesus is the true light, the living bread and provider of a spiritual family. There’s no need to let go of all fun and festivities, but remember to celebrate Christmas with a strong foundation of how He came and why He came. Allow the truth to tilt your Christmas experience back to Christ.


What is it about Jesus’ incarnation that God is asking you to be mindful of this Advent season?