Ruth 4:10 | Get Over and Get On

Get Over and Get On


“. . . to raise up a name . . .” Ruth 4:10


There’s no sting like the memory of what could have been. Lost opportunities, closed doors, burned bridges. We’ve let potentially good, beautiful, and resourceful moments slip through our fingers. There’s regret, along with the desire to go back and do things differently. We’re plagued by the thought, “if only I had made a better choice,” things wouldn’t be in the mess they are in now. 

We live with shadows and skeletons in the background of our present, the preoccupation with self is always part of unhealthy guilt. It stirs our emotions towards darkness, it churns up scenarios of the past we cannot change. It leads to depression, despair; it blocks us from the presence of a compassionate God.  

The language of “if only,” “what could have been,” and “what should’ve been” is harsh, demanding, critical, and abusive. Such talk heaps blame, chastisement, condemnation, and reproach into an already tender wound. But there is something bigger than regret.

There is a God full of grace, mercy, patience, and ingenuity. One who is able and willing to bring about the innovation of your life. There is grace to get over and get on with life. The moment our focus shifts from what we’ve lost to His goodness, we are released from remorse.  

Though Naomi was late in realizing this, she made her way back to Bethlehem. Her thoughts had told her she’d been in Moab too long, her best days were behind her, her time had passed, it was time to quit. But Naomi didn’t buy the lies, it wasn’t too late. It’s never too late. 

Naomi believed when she’d left from Moab that she was missing out. Now, as she looks back years later, she realized how blessed she had been all along. Don’t let the things creating the most anxiety for you today – the financial pressure, relationship problems, the job situation – cause you to miss out on the blessings. Don’t look at what you lost, look at what you have left. 

Look at what’s next to you – your family, your friends, your church. Whatever you are worried about, making the team, paying the bills, is nothing in comparison to what you have right now. 


Count your blessings that surround you today. You’ll discover there’s plenty for which to be grateful.