Ruth 4:10 | Prize your Priviledges

Prize Your Privileges


“. . . in order to raise up a name . . .” Ruth 4:10


The trouble with life is we forget to pay attention while we are living. We are far more blessed than we realize. The demands of life fly towards us with such great force, we fail to grasp the beauty of the things with which to live this life that we’ve been given. We become so involved with ourselves, we begin to make demands for things we feel entitled to or deserve. We take for granted every gift that comes our way. 

The message is simple, life is a gift. The unnamed near-kinsman to Naomi could only see what he stood to lose. His worry rose to the surface, “I might mar my inheritance.” This is the difference between playing to win, and playing not to lose. We curl our fist and tighten our grip in fear we might lose what we have. Perhaps our anxiety is greater than our awe. Don’t forget to prize your privileges. 

Your body.

God has written His will on the pages of the scripture. Every motion and skill of the body is an epiphany of the will and purpose of God our Creator. Ever since Christ was born in a manger at Bethlehem, the body has been honored, exalted, and glorified. Ever since the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the body has been the temple of the Spirit. 

Your mind.

We’ve been given intellectual capacity. God has designed us with the ability to think. We have it in us to be lofty and inspired thinkers. Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, our salvation and redemption all must be grasped by the mind. As believers, we must not neglect our intellectual capacity. 

Your name.

A good name is more desired than gold. A good name is the result of the momentum of character over a long period of time.  We must continually honor it carefully, guard it sacredly, preserve it, and intentionally pass it on.

Your potential.

God is active in all spheres of life. The potential of being taken out of darkness and brought into His marvelous light should be seized on at once. It’s one thing to say, “My Father’s God.” It’s vastly another to say, “My Lord and my God.”


Take a moment to apprise the privileges God has given you.