Ruth 4:10 | Deliverers and Receivers

Deliverers and Receivers


“. . . to be my wife . . .” Ruth 4:10


A soul seeks solace in another. Finding peace in another person is the driving force behind marriage. Two people find each other, marry for love and soon discover it takes more than love. In fact, it takes three persons to make a satisfying marriage. A husband, a wife and God. 

Marriage can be a wonderfully fulfilling relationship, but only because God is in it. With God in the mix of the marriage a couple can build a relationship that reflects Christ’s love for the church.

Ruth had made a beautiful reputation because of her commitment to trust God as her Savior. Boaz had noticed she had not spent her time running and chasing after every man in the town. Many men and women today are looking to marry, with little consideration of the will of God.

God has a will and God has a way for His will to be done. Boaz and Ruth are perfect examples of a character-driven response toward the other. Boaz shows men that they are designed to be the deliverers. Ruth illustrates for women that they are created to be receivers. The woman is to respond to the man, if he loves her well, she will in turn love him. If he treats her harshly or cruelly, she will become indifferent and love will die. The life of Ruth was a reflection of the love of Boaz. 

As Boaz claimed Ruth, so Christ came to earth for His bride. He’s the one who demonstrated His love for us and we respond to the love He displayed. We are to receive Him as Savior and daily seek to know Him.

Throughout the year people journey to Bethlehem to see the place Jesus was born. But He’s not there. Every year at Easter, they look at an empty tomb and He’s not there. He has risen. He has poured Himself out into the lives of those who believe, and long to know Him. 

That’s the desire of our Redeemer, that we might know Him. Draw toward Him, continually, long to know the wonder of Jesus more fully, and to experience the overflowing power of His resurrection.


Does your life reflect the love He has shown you? In what ways can you know Him more?