Ruth 4:10

Behind the Scenes


“. . . you are witnesses . . .” Ruth 4:10


In a fallen world that has lost all direction and certainty, in a fast-paced, urban, mobile society where families have been fractured and splintered and in some cases have disappeared, the families that manage to survive are working multiple jobs, are in debt and stressed out by the constant pressure of raising kids in a promiscuous and violent society. For many, extended family and meaningful friendships no longer exist. There is deep loneliness and detachment.

One wonders where God is in the midst of such great chaos. He seems to have vanished from the scenes of our life. With loss of room for personal reflection, it’s easy to forget that God knows what we are feeling, facing, and fighting in every given moment of our life. Still we are left with the question, “Where’s God?”

In some ways, God seems absent from the story of Ruth. He directly intervenes only two times. In chapter 1, verse 6, He gives the Israelites food in Bethlehem and then He gives Ruth conception in chapter 4, verse 13. Were we to skim the surface, one would wonder if all the characters in the book of Ruth are on their own. 

But God is very much present, though hidden behind the scenes. His hand is quietly guiding the events of the story. On the stage, Ruth faces pain, death and famine. Boaz encounters seasons of seed and harvest. Both live a life of loyal love. But backstage, behind the scene, moves the greatest Redeemer who spreads out his broad, powerful wings to protect and provide for Ruth and Boaz. God is at work in their story.

Rest assured that in this crazy, busy life God is very much at work. For Ruth and Boaz, the goal toward which the story moves has its fulfillment in King David. David serves as part of the link in the genealogy of Jesus, the one who would redeem the world.

It may be hard to make sense of it now, but all the times and the scenes in which you are living are moving toward a redemptive outcome. God is going to take our messes and give them meaning. That’s what He does best. 


God, I thank you that you are always at work, even when I don’t see you, you are there.