Ruth 4:10

Just Do


“. . . I have acquired Ruth . . . to be my wife . . .” Ruth 4:10


Don’t debate God – just do. That was Ruth’s life lesson. Think of the amount of time and energy we waste trying to get God to see things our way. All the time we waste resisting His leading. All the wasted seasons of arguing with God over the way He’s working. It’s no wonder we spend so much of our life in darkness and uncertainty. When all He asks from us is to trust Him.  

Trust yourself fully to Him, give Him access to all the issues of your life and when you do, He will give you clarity, you’ll begin to know His ways and see Him at work in all the things that once were a disappointment to you.

For Ruth, obedience came before experience. Going to Bethlehem, gleaning in the field, getting to the threshing floor, and approaching Boaz were acts of pure obedience. They were unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but she chose to follow God fully. If we wait to experience a feeling before we obey, our faith will be built on empty emotions of sentimentality.

What wonderful changes came into Ruth’s life because she trusted Boaz and let him work on her behalf. She went from loneliness to love, from toil to tranquility, from anxiety to assurance, from poverty to provision, from hardship to hope. She was no longer Ruth, the Moabite widow. The past was gone, she’s making a new beginning. Ruth is now the wife of Boaz. A name she was allowed to bear as his bride.

Of the many images the church is given in scripture, the most beautiful is the bride of Christ. We are given a picture of how Jesus loves and fusses over His bride. His love was marked by giving, not getting. Christ’s love makes the church whole. His words call out her beauty. Everything He does is designed to bring out the best in her. He dresses her in radiant holiness. His love for the church doesn’t stop.

In the past, He died for the church. In the present, He cleanses and nourishes the church. In the future, He will one day present the church in future glory. Christ is preparing a beautiful home for His bride.


In what area do you need to obey God?