Psalm 24:8 | The Royal Power of the Shepherd

The Royal Power of the Shepherd


“Who is this King of glory?” Psalm 24:8


This Psalm exalts the Lord as the compassionate Creator-King and Shepherd. The shepherding of God and His Lordship are intertwined. The experience of the first leads to the acceptance of the second. Likewise, to know Him as the King of new life opens us up to His shepherding nature. 

Those who follow the Lord fully know Him as a shepherding King, who’s filled with mighty power, and also compassionate towards the condition of our shame, secrets, scars, sin, and the struggles we face. 

Our worship of God is never meant to be static, instead it leads to greater and greater discovery of the wonder of His presence.

The heart and mind overflow with admiration and amazement, our spirit wells up with worship and the soul cries out, “The Lord who is my shepherd,” is none other than He to whom the whole earth belongs, He is the King of glory, He is the God who is able, He is our faithful Shepherd, the One who is our confident trust.

We have lived through strange days – of dislocation, doubt, discouragement, discomfort, long seasons of disease – we thought had no end. But all through the times and trials of life, He has been our Shepherd in the dark. The darkness caused us to ask, “Why is this happening to me?” “When will it ever end?” 

We journeyed into the valley. The struggle extracted an anguished cry of “how long o Lord.” But our prayers and pleas were met only with deafening silence. But something was taking place, something we were so unaware of. While we groped our way through uncertainty, we failed to realize we were learning. 

We were learning of the royal power of the Shepherd. With each step, we learned to breathe with confidence and trust in the Lord. It’s interesting to note that writer of this Psalm may have faced troubled times, but one would never know it. The direction of the Psalm moves upward toward the Lord. There are no complaints about the pains of sickness, or the treachery of enemies. But begins and ends with only grateful acknowledgement of the never-failing goodness of the Lord, our King and Shepherd.


Let the Lord shepherd you through your situations.