Psalm 24:4 | Upright!



“. . . clean hands and a pure heart, . . .” Psalm 24:4


People lie a lot. We’ve learned at our own expense that religious people lie more than most others – and lies in the name of God are the worst of all. We’ve been taught to bring a healthy suspicion to everything and everybody we come in contact with. Especially in matters that have to do with God and any authority, we are doubly on guard. Distrust causes us to narrow our eyes in suspicion.

Scripture doesn’t lie about God, or about you and me. But when we treat God’s word like a vandalizing juvenile delinquent, we end up with a small pile of biblical facts. There are a lot of lies out there in the world, we have to learn to discern the truth.

God’s word has different functions. Sometimes the verses are intended to open our imagination, captivate our heart, startle us with delight, and surprise us with discovery of the love of God. Some text can’t be understood by watching from the bleachers. It can only be understood as we participate with its direction, only as we live in response to the living God.

A simple act of obedience will open up our life more quickly than any number of Bible studies. Here in Psalm 24, a condensed description of upright, deception-free living is given. 

Clean hands.

The hand is a symbol of conduct. Every Christian should view work as a ministry to others for God’s sake. Our relationship with Jesus recuses our hands from defiling our work with unjust gain of earning, paying, getting, and giving. It guards us from withholding what is rightfully due to those we work for and with.

Pure heart.

All our choices depend on the condition of the heart. Our society places value on only the performance, but God looks at the heart. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is a hate towards God. Spiritual service with wicked motives stinks to God.

A life lived led by the Spirit of uprightness makes us compatible with God, fit to enjoy His Presence. 


Does everything in your life fill God’s heart with gladness?