Psalm 24:3 | Stained Glass Windows and Lit Candles

Stained Glass Windows and Lit Candles


“Who can climb Mount God?” Psalm 24:3


When we take the love of God for granted, we paint Him into a corner. We rob ourselves of the opportunities to be loved by God in surprising ways. Whenever scripture and prayer become routine our faith stagnates.

The Holy hill represented the highest place God dwelled on earth, it was the site on which the temple would be built. Now David was about to transfer the Ark of the Covenant. David asks the question of those who were about to transport the Ark, that they would purify their hearts and souls before entering the tabernacle. 

Anyone can open his mouth, say words, and call it a prayer. But those prayers may not move the heart of God in any way. Those who move the heart of God are those who know the heart of God.

Spiritual proximity to Holy spaces and places is not the same as being near to the presence of God. It’s one thing to be where the blessing of God is experienced, it’s another to experience God’s presence personally. Mechanism is not manifestation, posture is not devotion. The spiritual condition of our life positions us to enjoy His presence.

The mistake in our praying is believing that following a formula or vain repetitions will get us what we want. Stained glass windows, lit candles will not make our prayers more effective.

Effectiveness in prayer is the domain of those who have made it their life’s pursuit to know God and live in His presence. You don’t have to be a monk. You don’t have to be brilliant. But there is a serious quest, a searching, a pursuit that requires energy and attention. It isn’t for the faint of heart! 

Conforming your life to God’s purity, bending your life around God’s gracious pardon, being confident of His forgiveness toward you, moves you in the direction of being unhindered in your prayers. Your time in His presence will bring you into agreement with Him and empower you to encounter the unseen.


My heavenly Father, thank You because of Your love for me, I don’t have to struggle, all I have to do is be still, stay close, and sit with You.