Psalm 24:3 | The Price of Admission

The Price of Admission


“Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? . . .” Psalm 24:3


The question of all questions lies deep in the heart of every person. Whether they are rich or poor, regardless of race, or nationality, this question carries the universal awareness of every heart, that knowing God is indispensable to having peace. 

This question proves three things – we have a need for God, God is pure, and we are not. This question is the question that won’t fade, it insists on being answered. 

 But it seems to imply we must work to get on God’s side. The qualifications set out in this Psalm are unmistakably impossible in our own effort. But, this impossible requirement is made possible by a gift to be received. In Jesus Christ there is this new life given to us that will develop into a purity far beyond our reach. 

The Psalmist asked a simple question. Who may ascend into God’s Holy place? His answer gives us great wisdom for daily living – he who has clean hands and a pure heart. This is the same attitude as that of the psalmist, who tells us if we long to draw near to God, we should do so in pursuit of holiness.  The daily prayer of every believer should be “Lord, keep me close and clean.” 

There are so many distractions around us today. There are many idols competing out for our attention. They can be so tempting, so alluring yet the psalmist reminds us to keep our hearts pure. This can be done only through the power of God’s Spirit in us as we trust and lean on Him. We ascend to the Holy place, because Jesus through His cross has made us pure.

 The price of admission into the presence of God is not external actions, following rules, or performing rituals.  The focus is on matters of the heart. The principle here is we become what we behold. The character of God determines the character of the worshiper. We worship God who is Holy, so He makes the worshipper Holy. 


Lord, I desire to come before You with clean hands and a pure heart. Thank You for qualifying me to live each day in pursuit of You.