Psalm 24:1 | Before



“The earth is the Lord’s, . . .” Psalm 24:1


We speak of God so casually, with such familiarity, we’ve forgotten how much of God, God really is. Some may call themselves landlords, but He owns it all. Others can say they own property, but the truth is, He owns every inch of it, from center to surface, it all belongs to Him. Every creature, every atom and every force, all existed in the mind of God. He was before all things.

Before grace was allocated, before there was a tree grown that would be a cross, God existed. Before Jerusalem was called Jerusalem, God existed. Before there was a choir to sing, or drum to beat, before there were hands to clap, God existed. 

Before there was day or night, before there ever was a spring, a winter, fall or summer, God existed. Before there were cloud bursts, or rain descended, God existed. Before there were oceans, seas, and land, God existed. Before the mountains stood up and pointed at Him, God existed. Before the valleys humbled themselves in shame, God existed. Before a star started twinkling in the blackest night sky, God existed. Before the sun ever began to shine, God existed. 

Before there were eyes to behold Him, voices to declare Him, before there were hands to raise, God existed. Before there was anything, God was there, it was God and God alone. Scripture declares in the beginning, there was God. 

As far back as you can look, He was standing there all by Himself, He was. In the beginning, there was God. No explanation, no description, no mother, no father, no manufacturer, no creator, no board endorsement, no conjuring of His identity. As far back as eyes can see or mind can fathom, He was there. Before there was anybody to tell Him He was God, He was there. Before there was anyone to acknowledge Him, He was there, He is from everlasting to everlasting.  


Believers have a way of speaking of God as though He’s absent from creation. But the truth is, He feeds the birds, clothes the lillies, and causes all things to work together. The sooner we realize it’s all God’s, and we are just living in it, the happier we will be.