Ruth 4:9



“I have bought . . . all that belonged to Elimelech . . .” Ruth 4:9


Character creates the confidence to handle complicated circumstances. The deal is done, agreement had been reached. Boaz had acted with integrity, he’d taken the proper steps to redeem Naomi and Ruth. 

The truth in this verse is more than just two people reaching an agreement. This verse brings into view how Jesus accomplished redemption for us, how He took on flesh and through His life, death, and resurrection won us back to Himself.

Boaz took the kinsman shoe as a simple, solemn agreement which Boaz now assumed. He called all the elders of the city to witness that he acknowledged all the responsibility and pledged to undertake and accomplish full redemption. Now everything rested on the truth, power, and faithfulness of Boaz.

The same is true for our redemption. Jesus has undertaken the responsibility to redeem humanity. From the fall of humanity to the day of the Savior’s manifestation of complete victory, Jesus could and would fulfill the promise of salvation He had given. The same promise in which He would call people to place their trust.

Scriptures loudly proclaim – mission accomplished! The faithfulness of our Kinsman-Redeemer is established. The work is finished. His power has triumphed. Like Boaz, Jesus bought back the whole inheritance for man. All that was lost in the first Adam is restored by the second. The Redeemer Himself now owns that which He purchased. 

That which was Elimelech’s is now the property of Boaz. That which belonged to humanity now belongs to Christ and can only be experienced in the fullness of His spirit.  It’s His inheritance He gives to us. We have everything in Him. Without Him we have nothing. He has bought us back.

The people of Bethlehem were not merely witnesses, they were partakers of His joy. They celebrated in the blessing of the plan which Boaz proclaimed. The shout of Jesus rings out, “It is finished!” Jesus’ redemption of us touches us on all sides, heart, mind, body, and soul, in this life from day-to-day until all eternity. Salvation is accomplished!


Today, open yourself up to the finished work of Christ. Place your confidence, not in what you do, but in what He’s done for you.