Ruth 4:18 | Unlikely



". . . these are the generations. . . " Ruth 4:18


God uses the unlikely to do the unbelievable. It's the way He does things. The movements of God aren't always predictable. Often He works behind the scenes, moving in obscure ways, in remote places, through common people.

It's worth noting that there are two books in the Bible named after women, one a Jewish girl (Esther), who married a prominent Gentile, and the other was a Gentile woman (Ruth), who married a prominent Hebrew. Another thing these two women have in common is no one would have expected them to play such a strategic role in God’s redemptive history.

God used both of these unlikely women to accomplish the unbelievable. Esther saved her people from physical destruction. Ruth became an important genealogical link in the messianic line, first to David, and ultimately, to Christ, who would save people from their sins. 

Another unlikely woman who was used greatly by God was Rahab. As a prostitute, she lived on the edge of society, one stop short of rejection. She helped God’s people by giving shelter to spies. We remember her because of her failure. God remembers her for her faith. She is one of only two women listed in Hebrews 11. She was also famous for something else. She was the mother of Boaz. 

Now Ruth, another Gentile outsider, enters the lineage of Christ, as Boaz’s wife. Think of it for a moment, because of Ruth's background she would have been excluded from the nation of Israel – but what a picture of God’s grace. 

God uses the marriage of Ruth and Boaz to paint a picture of two becoming one. He intends there should be oneness and community between both of them. Wherever there might be differences, they would find the common ground of grace and not retreat from each other in thought or feelings. But, they do their best to be one in heart and soul.

We don't know who the artist was who used words to paint this story. We do know the intent was for us to see two unlikely people discover a union of grace where both parties surrender self, love becoming something better together, something made from the union of two, which had no existence in either.  So it is, when we surrender to the love of God.


Believe God to use you in unlikely ways.