Ruth 4:11 | Crusaders and Conquerors

Crusaders and Conquerors


". . . like Rachel and Leah, . . ." Ruth 4:11


Love is powerful. With love the crooked things are made straight, rough places are made smooth and the struggles of the Spirit are satisfied. Throughout scripture, the labor and sacrifice of the love of God is seen to be at work in the midst of times of confusion and strife. 

The words of the Bible give assurance that the perfect end of God’s love story with us is "there shall be no death, no more sorrow, no more crying, neither shall there be any more pain." The scriptures tell us God has heard our long, lonely cry for true love. He has pledged to satisfy us with Himself. 

God’s plot line works itself out in the small loving choices of Ruth and Boaz. Here, in a small town, the loving choices of two people set into motion the world’s greatest event. As long as the story of Jesus is read, the love of Ruth and Boaz will not be forgotten. 

It's hard not to think that the hope of Israel's greater future must have stirred in the heart of Boaz, as he heard these words spoken, "make the woman like Rachel and Leah," the two who built the house of Israel.

Love happens when life is lived. Be it in struggle or success, stress or stillness. Love in the world faces entanglements and limitations. It involves sacrifice and sweat equity. Love’s highest joys are purchased with pain. The strength of true love is proven in the crowding of conflict in life day after day. It's in real time living that the beauty and the depth of love are seen.

If Boaz had not been a patient man of character, and had Ruth not been a gentle, sweet, unselfish, woman of grace, all their trials would have been empty of meaning, and their conquest hollow.

The story of marriage is told in many forms. Some set out like crusaders and conquerors with great hope and enthusiasm, and get broken along the way, like Adam and Eve, who honeymooned in Eden, but wound up living among the thorns and thistles. For others, the story of marriage is written by faithfulness to follow God all along the way. 


What can you do today to honor God with your life?