Ruth 4:10 | Grace Finds a Way

Grace Finds A Way


“. . . you are witnesses today.” Ruth 4:10


The world likes to varnish the truth. It clothes trivia with glitter and draws us away from what matters. In the case of Ruth, some say, “It’s just a story about a woman who meets a man, why bother reading it.” Some tend to reduce the book of Ruth to a love story, but it’s much more.

In the historic Hebrew Bible, this story is placed with the prophets. The book of Ruth is read during the feast and the celebration of Pentecost. 

Fifty days after Jesus had risen from the dead, the disciples were gathered in the upper room, praying and wondering what would happen next. They had been told to go to the place and wait for the promise of the Father. Jesus had said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.” 

Suddenly, a mighty rushing wind blew through the room, fire rested above each disciple’s head. And the church was born. 

It’s interesting that Pentecost is the birthday of the church, it’s also the birthday of Judaism. It was on the same day 2000 years earlier, the law was given. During the celebration, the priest would take two loaves of wheat bread and wave them before the Lord. In that day, the two loaves spoke of the two tablets on which the law was given, which sustains our soul like food nourishes the body.

For the disciples at Pentecost, two loaves also represented the coming together of Jews and Gentiles; being brought into a new entity called the church. On the day of Pentecost, the two groups became one – they became the church. 

Ruth is a picture of the church. Because she was a Moabite, the law had shut her out of knowing God. The law has shut us out too. We can’t stand in God’s presence by the law. But what the law shuts out, grace finds a way. Boaz showed grace to Ruth. He brought her into God’s family. She was overwhelmed at his kindness. Jesus, our Boaz, does the same for us. He shows us grace and brings us into union with God. Rest assured, grace always finds a way.


Say a prayer of thanks for the grace God has given you.