Ruth 3:1

Integrity Issues


“. . . that it may be well with you?” Ruth 3:1


Everything rises and falls on our integrity. Integrity is intangible, but its presence is felt, experienced in every area of our life. We are told all we need to know about Boaz in the opening verse of chapter two. We are told he is a man of wealth. A man of wealth means he is someone who is a valiant warrior. It’s someone who has real substance to their life, it’s a person with a sense of moral worth. In Boaz, we are introduced to a man of character, influence, and integrity. 

The one thing we desire in relationships, the one characteristic identified more than any other, is integrity. We want to know we can trust the other person will keep their promises, follow through with their commitments, and do what they say. 

Our society gives lip service to the importance of integrity, but when circumstances get tough, the rules of behavior change and commitments are tossed aside at will. People spend vast amount of time and energy maintaining their image trying to get others to think of us the way we want to be thought of. Sooner or later the facade fades. 

It always comes down to an issue of integrity, not just words. Real integrity is not just a matter of doing the right thing, it’s a matter of having the right heart and allowing the person on the inside to match the person on the outside. 

God doesn’t just act with integrity, God is integrity. God is totally consistent, His actions flow perfectly out of His character. God’s goal for His followers is nothing less. 

Real integrity always seeks the connection between our belief and behavior, between our words and ways and our attitude and actions. Though none of us are flawless, we all stumble, but we are called to the process of being perfected. It’s the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit working in the life of the believer that does the perfecting. We are to stay connected to the process and keep cooperating with God to see progress towards integrity. 


Where in your life is there a lack of integrity? Ask for God’s help to change.