Ruth 2:22

You Need a Mentor!


"Naomi said to Ruth . . ." Ruth 2:22


Discipleship is to relationship what breathing is to the body. Surveys show that 40% of Christians believe they can disciple themselves.

In the past, mentoring happened everywhere. It was the chief learning method among artisans where a young worker spent years at the side of a craftsman learning not only the technics, but the way of life which surrounded it. The artist poured himself into the formation of the protege.

Virtually all training of people in the Bible happened in the mentoring context. It was both Jesus’ and Paul's strategy for christianizing the world. Ultimately, it's the reason for the continuing spread of Christianity. 

Ruth was in an unfamiliar environment. Naomi mentored Ruth through a pivotal moment in Ruth's life. We, like Ruth, need a mentor. Consider the benefits:

Experience beyond your years.

Naomi supported Boaz’s instruction and Ruth was wise enough to listen to Naomi's counsel. There is connection between the sage and student, the two go together. Thus, we see Moses with Joshua, Elijah with Elisha, and Eli with Samuel. Vision and wisdom, energy and experience are meant to work together.  

Network beyond your experience.

Naomi informs Ruth of her kinship to Boaz. Naomi knew Boaz could be a potential husband for Ruth. Naomi knew how to open the door for Ruth to be more than a gleaner. A mentor can see connections between people you couldn't see on your own. A mentor will help enrich your relationships with others.

Insight beyond your knowledge.

Naomi advises Ruth to take another approach. She steered Ruth away from the male workers to the female workers so relationship with Boaz could run its course. A single piece of advice can be a catalyst that changes our frame of reference forever. 

Every student needs a sage. A mentor can influence, challenge, encourage, and direct you in a way a book never can. If you want to experience progress in your spiritual life, you owe it to yourself to get connected to a mentor.


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