Ruth 2:20

Love and Trust


". . .who has not withdrawn His kindness . . ." Ruth 2:20


We live in a world that daily denies the control of God. The globe turns and events are seen as the result of random coincidence, happenstance, and accident. In society today, the very idea that there's a pattern or a divine will guiding individuals is considered absurd. Life appears to be only what we make of it. 

But Ruth demonstrates that if life were left up to us, we would, in all likelihood, not make it. While Ruth takes positive action, she risked her life, and later the reality of rejection. She could not determine – she could not even have known – that she would end up in the field of Boaz, who will show her incredible kindness and will eventually marry her. The lesson of the life of Ruth is simple, the Lord is in control.

We are called on to live our life according to His word, fully believing that God supplies our needs and in the midst of life, we remain confident that God knows what He's doing. That in every detail in our lives, the love for God is worked into something good. We lean in on the simple truth that He has decided, from the outset, to shape the lives of those who love Him in the same way He shaped the life of His own Son.

The presence of risk runs through the story of Ruth. Boaz and Ruth represent ideal models of character. As Ruth seizes the initiative to rigorously trust, fearlessly love, so the text encourages us to take the risk to do the same. To be clear, there are risks involved in following in God’s way. But Ruth's selfless attitude, action and hard work result in God honoring her.

It's not in some sheltered religious environment that Ruth and Boaz demonstrate rigorous trust and fearless love, it's in the daily workplace, the place where too often love, compassion, and trust are lacking. Such manifestations of rigorous trust and fearless love are the result of commitment to the Lord and both Ruth and Boaz exhibit those qualities to those around them. 

God is in control. Our well being depends on His faithfulness. Despite present experiences, there is hope for the future.


Today choose to rigorously trust and fearlessly love Jesus.