Ruth 4:1

Sit Down Here


“. . . sit down here. . . .” Ruth 4:1


Stop trying and start trusting. This is the great need of a believer’s life. None of us can redeem ourselves. That is God’s work. Redemption is the grace of God accomplished through Jesus. Our redemption in Jesus is the foundation on which we build our life. We depend on His work to walk devotedly.

Anytime we attempt to build our faithfulness on our experience, it will result in an unholy life. It results in a self-absorbed, self-focused, self-preoccupied faith. It produces a faith useless to God and irritating to others. The life of the believer must be built on the foundation of redemption. The deeper our understanding of the redemption the better the life of faith. 

The meaning of redemption.

Since Ruth and Naomi could not redeem themselves, they needed the help of one greater. The word redeem means “to set free by paying a price.” We are unable to break the chains of sin. Jesus redeems us by giving His life as a ransom to set us free. 

The marks of redemption.

Boaz was willing and able to redeem Ruth and Naomi, but he had to overcome the obstacle of becoming a near-kinsman. Jesus overcame the same obstacle for us. He became flesh and dwelt among us. In order to sympathize with all our weaknesses, He had to become related to us before He could redeem us.

The method of redemption.

Boaz arrived at the gate. He gathered ten witnesses along with the near-kinsman. The near-kinsman forfeited his right to the land. Now Boaz had the land and Ruth. Like Boaz, Jesus took the risk to love and made us part of His inheritance. He paid a high price, death on a cross, to have us back with Him.

It’s an interesting truth to notice in the first two verses, five times we see people being invited to “sit down here.” When Jesus had redeemed us back to the Father, He sat down in heaven, the word went out to heaven and earth, “It is finished.” It’s in His redemption of us – we are to sit down here.


Are you trusting in your ability, or are you seated firmly in Jesus’ work of redemption?