Ruth 4:1

Difficult Affairs and Delicate Matters


“Now Boaz went up to the gate . . . “ Ruth 4:1


Shortcuts are not always the quickest route. Life comes at us all. Our faith is deepened and developed by the manner in which we handle things. 

Everything in the story of Ruth has built up to this moment. Now it all rested on the character of Boaz. Though this chapter is filled with the technical execution of land exchange, this part of the story shows us the way a person of true upright character faces obstacles.

Boaz faced difficult affairs and delicate matters openly, with the advice of others wiser than he, he was calm, careful, and deliberate. Many lose good outcomes for the lack of using good means. Success has a way of coming to those who wait and walk according to God’s ways. 

This story illustrates the way of how our great Redeemer worked on our behalf. He publicly agreed in the presence of the angels and God to make Himself an offering for sin. He legally would fulfill all righteousness for humanity and be made under the law, that He might redeem those who are under the law from the trap of condemnation. 

He perfectly and completely would buy back all that had been lost and unite Himself with His people who had sinned and fallen. The Son of God was the only one who could fulfill the terms of the redemption. He alone would bring salvation, His righteousness would sustain him. He was willing and able to do the Will of God. In Him is complete redemption.

Like Boaz, Jesus would take the shoe and stand in the sinner’s place. All this was done without any help from us. Just as the Boaz proposal was without Ruth’s presence or knowledge – it was made in her absence, while she was at home with Naomi and would not be made known to her until it was completed – so it was with the Son of God. He decided to fulfill all the obligations to redeem us, without our help. He now offers His finished work to us. That’s called grace. 


Choose to place your life on the path of being a person of character.