Ruth 2:18

Inventively Generous


“. . . her mother-in-law saw what she had gleaned. . . .” Ruth 2:18


Every verse in this chapter shows us a model of generosity. Linger for a moment to look at Boaz. True kindness and generosity are always thoughtful, strong and sacrificial. 

Generosity always bears the character of God’s heart. Boaz was generous because he believed it was God’s will that Ruth, who had come under his wings to rest, should be favored. Boaz’s generosity was seriously inventive. One could see the wonder in the eyes of his workers when he told them to drop handfuls for her to glean. Boaz presents a challenge to each believer.

Try to be inventively generous. Don't let Boaz’s example beat you from making your best effort to drop handfuls along the way. Don't limit your giving to just a little here and there. Go at it seriously. Invent some lavish act of kindness. Let all your giving be done with a sense of kindness of a loving God who sent His only begotten Son from heaven to be your Savior and friend.

The actions of Boaz are a parable of the way in which God does His work among us. God goes out of His way to see we aren't belittled by His giving, nor that we feel disparaged. When we pray for bread, He does not give us bread, He opens a door to get bread. When we pray for clothing, He doesn't drop clothing from the sky. He gives us the means by which to get clothing. 

All the gifts of God have to be hammered out by us. They have to be processed, shaped, and formed by our choices. Even the most destitute have to reach out before finding help. This is true in the spiritual realm. There is wisdom to be known, but it must be hewn out of His word. It must be sought through prayer. Spiritual progress never comes ready-made. It's not handed to us on a platter.  

God doesn't hand us the bread of life ready-made. We are to work out our salvation. We are to take up our cross and die daily. God conceals Himself in the giving. We find Him as we give our life away.


Work your faith and your faith will work.