Ruth 3:18

Sit Still


“. . . Sit still, my daughter, . . .” Ruth 3:18


Stillness is an art. The women sat together as the gray dawn broke over the sky. Naomi and Ruth each had thoughts that disquieted their souls. Thoughts of uncertainty of the future. Thoughts of hopefulness that things would be different. Naomi was eager to find a home for Ruth. 

Naomi felt responsible for the future of Ruth. Ruth had clung tightly to Naomi during the long days of transition from Moab to Bethlehem, from the hot days of living and gleaning in unfamiliar land. Ruth was filled at once with hope, fear, and wonder. 

It was not easy for Ruth to sit still, she knew she was standing at a doorway which seemed about to open into a new destiny. It’s not easy to sit still when hope calls us forward, when our natural instinct is to take matters into our own hands and do something to secure the accomplishment of our plans.

Every year the stress and the speed of life escalate. Events, engagements, programs, information, opinions, flash past us. There seems to be no time to pause until another event comes along. It’s increasingly difficult to find time to sit down. Even if there is time, the mind is so filled with distracting thoughts, it’s impossible to sit still.

There is only one way to regain the lost art of stillness. We must shelter ourselves in absolute faith behind Jesus Christ. He is our strong tower and we are to hide ourselves behind His cross. 

We are to sit still, knowing He has matters well in hand; that God is able and eager to carry on while we sit still. We sit still because He does, we rest because He’s working matters out. Our cause is safe in His hands and He will see it through to the end.

Happy are we when we can hand over our anxieties and burdens to the Lord with the assurance that He carries the weight of our concerns. He bears them and will finish what He has started.


Cast your cares on Him and sit still.