Ruth 3:15

Good Land


“. . . So she held it, and he measured six measures of barley . . .” Ruth 3:15


There is no place like home. No one knew better than Naomi the need for a place of safety in which to dwell, so she seeks to find Ruth a home, a place of rest. Here in chapter three Naomi proposes and pushes to gain a home for Ruth. The steps taken by Ruth correspond to our spiritual experience.

Prior to knowing Jesus, there is a hopeless search to find security in any place with any person who seems promising but in all our vain grasps for safety, we find nothing seems to ever truly work out, at the end of every pursuit of refuge, we are left empty. 

But, we heard the word of Christ, made a choice to believe in Him. By believing, we were joined to Him. Now our pursuit is to experience and enjoy Him. Just as Ruth, after coming into the land, had the right to enjoy the produce of the land, so we have the right to enjoy Christ as our good land after believing in Him.

It’s a tragedy that many followers have missed out on enjoying Christ. There is such a thing as a joyless believer. Sad, but true. Scripture reminds us that Christ is our food, drink, clothing, breath, and daily bread. We live, and have our being in Him, He is our life. Every day we need to enjoy Him.

Like Ruth, we must take full advantage of the field of our spiritual inheritance and exercise our opportunity to enjoy His Presence. Every morning we should glean from the field of His word, slowly moving through His words and picking up handfuls of purpose along the way. We should prayerfully linger in His presence and delight in Him.

God’s loyal love couldn’t run out, His merciful love couldn’t dry up. They are created new every morning. How great is His faithfulness. He’s all we need. Ruth’s approach was honoring to God. As a result, she inherited the land. Through Ruth’s example we learn that the humble will inherit the land and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity.


Are you enjoying Christ?