Ruth 3:14

Jesus Today


“So she lay at his feet . . .” Ruth 3:14


All we are promised in this life is today and eternity. All we have is this very moment at this very minute. We cannot postpone living for Jesus to another day, convincing ourselves that we will be more faithful when life becomes less complicated, or our service to Him will be greater when the conditions improve. How we present ourselves to Jesus today, is how we will be in other situations. 

We mislead ourselves by thinking it takes a crisis for us to get close to Him. But if we are not living for Him in the midst of the menial, every day of life, we will not be any better in time of need. It takes all of God’s strength to soldier on through the common duty of life. 

Ruth found her way to the threshing floor, a common public area spacious enough to accommodate many local farmers and their harvest. There at the floor’s edge was where Boaz rested on his winnowed corn. Ruth came and laid at the feet of Boaz. She demonstrates humility and devotion with unadorned simplicity, placing herself in the lowliest position and identifying herself as his servant. 

Look at the feet of the one greater than Boaz. When Jesus made His way through the crowd, John the Baptist seeing Jesus said, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” Look at the feet of Jesus, He is the Lord of life. He became flesh, stepping into our world to sympathize with our struggles. He is the Lord of the calm as He walks along the shore, calling many to be His disciples. He is the Lord of the storm as He walks on the water. He is the Lord of suffering. He walked up to Calvary. Just look at His feet, pierced for our waywardness. He is the Lord of everlasting life as He walks out of the tomb, and look how they took hold of His feet to worship Him. 

Our willingness to be at the feet of Jesus reveals, more than anything else, who we really are. It reveals the content and condition of our faith. We will never be any more to others than what we are at His feet.


Are you resisting or kneeling at the feet of Jesus?