Ruth 3:13

Cover Me?


“. . . then I will redeem you, . . .” Ruth 3:13


There will be moments in life when we will be challenged to place God’s desires over our drives. In the midst of a sexually-charged setting where the opportunity for sin and abuse is high, this couple demonstrates honor and integrity in both words and actions. Neither takes advantage of the other for personal gain or gratification.

In a world obsessed with taking advantage of others in moments of weakness and vulnerability, we need encouragement to act with integrity. Integrity initiates something far greater than just what can be gained in the moment. The words of Ruth and Boaz are important.

The tension of the text is whether Boaz would stretch out his robe to cover this woman who had nothing to offer him. Would his garments stretch that far? 

Within their heart, many wrestle with insecurity, inferiority, and indecision to trust the Lord’s goodness. Like Ruth in the presence of Boaz, we are acutely aware of the depleted state of our soul before the Lord. We feel like a poor Moabite wondering, would God spread His covering over me? 

The word “redeemer” indicates a continual work of redemption. He remains continually and constantly willing to redeem you, always cloaking you in His grace. No matter how far Moab has drawn you away. 

Listen as Christ, your Boaz, says to you, “Be blessed.” Your heavenly Father sees your kindness. When you came into His field, when you showed up at church, when you spent time gleaning the wheat of His word – you blessed Him. You could’ve played golf, gone fishing, or stayed home and slept in, but you came into His field, His church and blessed Him.

Can you hear Him cheerfully and enthusiastically say, “I will redeem you, it’s not an obligation to me, it’s a celebration that you have put aside the alluring pursuits of the world and asked Me to cover you. My child, it’s you who has blessed Me, welcome home!”?

Anyone who will fall before his nail-pierced feet and say “cover me,” He will certainly not cast out. 


This day I take shelter in the shadow of your wings.