Ruth 3:9

Taking Christ

Read: “I am Ruth your maid. . . .” Ruth 3:9


There is a kind of rest only experienced in marriage. Naomi wanted to find a way to establish a home for Ruth. If Ruth was to have a home she needed a husband. Naomi knew that the right person to be Ruth’s husband was Boaz.

Throughout the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth, God reveals Himself as the faithful husband to Israel. Unfaithfulness to God was Israel’s constant struggle. After they entered the promised land, there was a history of miserable chaos because of Israel’s chronic unfaithfulness. They left God as their husband to go to many other husbands and gave themselves away to many idols. 

Today there are many idols we look to as other partners which cause Christians to separate and be unfaithful to God. The idols of work, entertainment, misplaced love, possessions, people, positions, and passions. 

Boaz represents a type of Christ. The manner in which Ruth took Boaz is the same way we are to receive Jesus, in covenant loyalty. Tragically, many believers act as if they have never been married to Christ. They have never actually taken Him as their husband. As a consequence, they are roaming from place to place, giving themselves away to temporary lovers and always finding no rest.

Ruth had her life with Naomi, but Naomi was clear that Ruth needed to be married to Boaz. Finding rest means taking Christ as our husband and our church as our home.

It’s possible to know Christ as a redeemer, savior, Lord, provider. It’s possible to glean in His field and recognize Him as your land owner. Like Ruth, we need to do more than just glean in God’s field. We need to be in covenant with Him.

Nothing is more intimate than marriage. Taking Christ as our husband is a most intimate matter. To receive Him as our groom is to welcome real change in our status. We must have the fidelity of a helpmate and we will be brought into union with Christ, walking with Him and enjoying His presence. 

It’s in covenant that we truly gain Christ, enjoy Christ and living with Him, at home and in the church. Receiving Him in covenant love, we will know the power of the bride and the redemption of the Lord. 


Are you in covenant with Christ?