A New View

A New View


“. . . that which is good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” Romans 12:2


It’s not a change of circumstances one needs, but to be changed personally. This is the change that can change us all. The renewing of the mind is acquiring a new point of view – this is what the New Testament calls conversion, the steady turning from old antiquated ways of thinking, and courageously looking to the truth to set us free from our short-sightedness and half-truths. 

The reason so many have no intimate experience with Jesus Christ is that our minds are closed. We think we know all there is to know about our relationship with Jesus. We are more interested in our theories, theology and propositional grids than we are in new truth and the discovery of new horizons of His presence. Without the tenderness of Jesus, we become hardened and fossilized. We are held by our opinions instead of being held by Jesus. 

God does not compel discipleship. He leads with the love. It’s love we cooperate with. God’s Will is that which is nearest to His heart, all that’s good, beautiful, and perfect. How greatly we have misunderstood the Will of God. 

The Will of God is good.

It’s true that the Will of God is good, though it’s sometimes hard to believe. Sometimes, even harder and more difficult to do. But God’s Will is good in itself, in its methods, and results.

God’s Will doesn’t create defeat or despair, but calls us upward.

The Will of God is acceptable.

When accepted, it’s the fulfillment of hope. It unifies our passion and purpose. It gives balance to talent and treasure. What a key is to a lock, the Will of God is to one’s life. Until one knows the Will of God and proves it through experience, they have not begun to live. 

The Will of God is perfect.

God enables and empowers, ever working to perfect His purpose in you. He works to perfect our character and our service. On our own, our will is a fragment, His is a whole. We have the assurance God always finishes what He begins. 


To prove His Will, we must first offer up our own. Our tempers, tendencies and dispositions, along with heart, mind, and soul, and place them before God.