Ruth 2:17

The Seeker


". . . it was about an ephah of barley." Ruth 2:17


Seeking is basic to life. We are by nature seekers. Seeking is the common activity we share with all living things. We seek out food, water, and shelter. On another level, we seek love, acceptance from a social group. We seek the means to earn a living, to provide for ourselves. 

We seek companionship, a life partner, a home to live in, career opportunities. We seek the joy of having kids and raising a family. We also seek more than this. 

We seek moral purity, spiritual meaning, and fulfillment. We are aware of God and desire a relationship with Him. Our hearts long to drink in the life of God. We are thirsty for God alive. 

We are seekers in search of a connection. It's better to have a partner, than go it alone. If one falls down, the other helps. We instinctively know that with God in the midst of our connections, a three cord strand is not easily broken. So we seek.

The search for food is the most basic search of all and for some, in hard hit situations, the search can become a never-ending daily battle to keep the family alive. Hunger narrows our focus, straining out every other need, until empty stomachs are full again.

Ruth was seeking sustenance. Ruth spent the day working, gleaning in the field until evening. She was making up for lost time. At day’s end, she had beaten out the grain with a curved stick. The beating separated the husk from the kernels and thereby made the load easier to be carried. When she was done, she gathered the kernels in her shawl to bring back home. 

The amount of grain Ruth gleaned in a day was astonishing. An ephah of barley was nearly 30 pounds. Why call attention to such a startling amount of grain? It was an indication of Ruth's hard work and Boaz’s generosity. A winning combination of seeking.

Scripture underscores this truth. Anyone who seeks God must believe that He exists and that He's a rewarder of those who seek Him. And those who seek Him, will never be disappointed.


As you seek Him daily, are you believing in the generosity of God?