Ruth 3:3

Turning Things Around


“Wash yourself . . . anoint yourself . . . put on your best clothes and go to the threshing floor; . . .” Ruth 3:3


The unexpected changes of life can leave one stunned and unsure of what to do next. Here in these verses, we are given a protocol, a strategy for turning unforeseen events around. In this chapter, we see Naomi mentoring older women, mentoring Ruth a younger woman, in the life lesson of handling change. Naomi provides Ruth with a strategy of how to turn things around.

1Know what you are going after.

Naomi sends Ruth to see Boaz at the threshing floor. Ruth wasn’t looking for a man or any man, she was looking for Boaz. She had a goal she was moving toward. Having a goal makes all your past experiences make sense. God has something new for you. Everything you’ve been through has prepared you for this moment.

2Wash your face. 

Naomi told Ruth to prepare for something good. Don’t let your past affect your present. A new day’s dawning. Many have ruined where they are by where they came from. Now wash everything you’ve collected along your journey and prepare yourself for where you are going. Many are still polluted by what they’ve been through, still reliving their old stories. Wash off the residue of the past.

3Anoint yourself.

Naomi’s instruction was for Ruth to end her period of mourning and signal her return to life. We are to go out with a new attitude, have a fresh outlook about where God is leading. Anointing is always a picture of the work of the Spirit. A new day is coming your way, to extract everything from it, ask the Spirit to fall fresh on you.

4Change your clothes.

Naomi tells Ruth to prepare to be a bride. Ruth was to put away the old garments of heaviness worn from travel and work. Our preparation always indicates our destination. We are told in scripture to put on a garment of praise. We have to dress in it everyday. Each day we are to make a choice to be thankful. 


Are you following in the ways of God?