Ruth 3:2

Choices and Changes


“. . . with whose maids you were?” Ruth 3:2


Wherever God places us, our sole focus is to be fully devoted to Him. Whether we perceive the circumstances of life as destiny or accident, God is at work in all things. 

A growing relationship develops between Ruth and Boaz. Ruth is the widowed girl from Moab and Boaz an influential man of means. We are told Ruth “happened” to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz. We, as the readers of the text, know this was no accident. What appears to Ruth as sheer coincidence, is part of the out-working of God’s gracious care. 

All the events of this world’s chance or change are in the hands of God, who has a purpose for this world and a purpose for which He sent Christ. We must guard ourselves from believing we are merely pawns in a chess game, or puppets on strings worked by a puppeteer. Exactly the opposite is true.

Here in the story of Ruth is proof that God’s gracious care does not override human action. We see it’s Ruth’s choice of the field and Boaz’s decision to harvest this field, both are instruments in God’s hand to bring about His will. 

Both the Old and New Testaments leave us with a paradox that our choices and responsibility matter. And the out-working of our faith, with fear and trembling, is very much the work we do for the very reason that God is at work within us – to will and to work for His good pleasure. We live in a tension of God’s control and our choice. Because God is in control, we are free.

God’s gracious relationship creates our freedom. And His work is expressed through our choices and decisions. This is the truth Ruth came to know for herself. This is God’s world and even our chance meetings are part of His over-arching work. 


Today help me live in trusting Your guidance.