Mark 12:37

To Be In The World As He Is



“. . . And the common people heard Him gladly.” Mark 12:37



Manifesting Christ, as He is what each follower of Christ must be doing, this is what the church at large must be, if the heart of humanity is to hear the truth and be won into His kingdom. 

The multitude long ago clung to His every word; they admired and trusted Him, they willingly followed Him. Wherever He went, people were stirred with great enthusiasm. Their minds were not poisoned by suspicion, cynicism or bitterness. Something inside of His listeners told them to get to Him, receive His kingdom, and follow Him fully.

To be as He was in the world begins by remembering His ways. His power with others was in His absolute freedom from the opinion of others. He spoke simply to bring the kingdom within reach of people. Even as he revealed the heart of the Father, He opened the eyes of His hearers to see the world around them as bold illustrations of the kingdom within. He caused people to examine their own hearts in order that they would be free of whatever held them back. He called them to give their life in the service of His will. 

He reversed the ordinary way of thinking; the first shall be last and the last shall be first, that mercy and truth were more important than sacrifice, that the Sabbath was made for man and not the other way around. His way of living ran counter to the status quo. 

He was called a glutton because he ate with sinners. He was unselfish, understanding and sympathetic. He knew people, He carried their burdens, wherever He went He carried the blessings of God to others. He was ready to counsel and help. He understood the struggles and temptations. He was compassionate toward weaknesses and infirmities. People knew they could ask for His help and He would respond. Jesus never expected others to be anything other than themselves. These things and more were what drew people to Him and still do.



Are others meeting Jesus through you?