Mark 12:30

Holding it Together



“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart . . . soul . . . mind . . . strength.” Mark 12:30



There are days when the heart is afraid, the soul sinks, the mind is muddled, and strength is drained, and you feel bewildered, alone and lost in the dark. On days like this, you feel like you are playing spiritual whack-a-mole. Just when you get your heart calm, your mind breaks into a firestorm of confusion. Just about the time you stabilize your soul, your strength gets zapped. Most days we struggle to hold it all together. 

The words “heart, soul, mind and strength” are meant to remind us that our relationship to God is not isolated allegiance of one part of our life, but the concentration of every part of our being – the passions of our heart, the aspirations of the soul, the energy of the mind, the strength of will. We are to gather it all up into one great commanding desire for God. We are to cling to God with all our senses.

Our heart

God feels from the heart and so must we. Our heart is meant to be caught up in awe, wonder, reverence, trust, gratitude, surprise, joy and hope. All flow from the many varied experiences from His word and life and cross.

Our soul

To love with the soul is a call to cultivate nearness to God through the prayer of adoration and communion. When the soul is neglected, life with God becomes mechanical. 

Our mind

It matters what we think about God, how we worship and serve Him. Faith is weakened when it’s only emotion. We are to turn to God with our whole life, in both heart and mind.

Our strength

All our desire, devotion and passions for God are to be channeled into action in a life of obedience. The call to love God means placing a concentrated force of action behind every spiritual desire and thought. 

Our love of God doesn’t have to be pretty to be perfect. During rough days, we love and let God’s love change us.



Jesus, I receive your love for me.