Mark 12:38

QBQ: The Question Behind the Questions



“And Jesus began to say, . . .” Mark 12:38



We believe in God, have faith in God, yet we abandon hope in His promise. What we have missed in our journey along the way is that clarity, reassurance and proof cannot create trust or sustain it. We keep postponing till tomorrow what Jesus is asking of us today.

In Jesus’ dealings with the religious sector, He was asked four kinds of questions. First, Jesus’ way was so counter to the way of the religious leaders they asked, “. . . By what authority are you doing these things?” Mark 11:28. Secondly, Jesus lived a life of extravagant generosity. So the Pharisees asked, “Should we give to Caesar or not?” Mark 12:14

Thirdly, Jesus spoke of heaven with such certainty that the Sadducees asked, “What do you believe about resurrection?” Mark 12:23. Finally, when Jesus quoted the scriptures, there was love the teachers had never seen, so they asked, “Which is the greatest commandment?” Mark 12:28.

Oddly, in seeking answers from Jesus, they paid no attention to Him. Jesus fills in the gaps of their questions by asking them a question, “How is it that the scribes say that the Christ is the son of David?” Even the crowd listening to the conversation knew the point Jesus was driving home – the scribes knew Jesus as only a man; they did not realize that Christ the Messiah is also God Himself. Jesus is not only the son of David, but the Lord of David. 

The scribes were experts in doctrine and theology, they knew the letter of the law, but they did not know Christ. Is it possible that we might be today’s scribes? Our teaching may be right, but it’s empty, that is, without Christ. Knowledge without light creates a lifeless faith. 

We should remember that no matter how eloquent, scholarly, and academic a message may be, it must have Christ at the center. Christ is the reality and essence of scripture. All of scripture points to Him.



Is Jesus at the center of your belief or is it someone else’s ideas?