Mark 12:26

Both / And



“I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” Mark 12:26



The white hot center of the Christian life is living with balance of His word and work. Imbalance happens whenever an “either / or” mindset is enforced. One dies at the exclusion of the other. The fullness of faith happens in the “both / and” way of living.

The word of God and the work of God are what brings us to understanding and progress in the spiritual life. Allowing both to penetrate the soul frees us to know the God of the living. 

In this story Jesus reveals something no one had seen before. When Moses heard the voice of God from the burning bush, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had been dead for hundreds of years. Yet God was still their God, Jesus states they were still allied with God, death had not ended their relationship. They were, in fact, still alive with God. God had made a promise against which death was powerless.

God had made a promise to the patriarchs in which He had promised to be their protector. He would not abandon them when they faced their greatest opponent – death. This is a stunning insight of this text which became the cornerstone of first century Christianity.

The great hope for us, in a day when death is all around us, is that we can know the God of the living. Death has no sting for those who are in Christ. The loss we face, the graves we’ve stood over, are not a dead end as some believe. Jesus says “he who believes in Me will live even if he dies.” (John 11:25) To know the God of the living is to know the hope of both here and there in heaven. A life that’s full and eternal comes only from God.

Allow the word of God and the work of God to lead us to abundant life. Jesus is the God of the living and nothing can confuse the life He offers. 



Thank Him today for the life you’ve been given here and now, as well as, the life you will share with Him in heaven with the God of the living.