Mark 12:27

A Serious Error



“. . . you are greatly mistaken.” Mark 12:27



No one has God figured out. The Sadducees went to great lengths to point out to Jesus that the resurrection was a crazy idea. To this group of conservative religious leaders, life after death didn’t fit into their understanding of the law, therefore, they thought it had to be discarded.

Beneath this assertion lay a very serious error. The Sadducees expected the future to be just like the past. That expectation was the premise of the perplexing problem they had invented to pester Jesus. Jesus keeps His composure and maintains that the future would not be like the past. Indeed, it would be so different that their limited view of the law could not apply.

Expecting the future to be just like the past is a natural response. It’s one way we maintain control. But, it limits our faith. It keeps us from being open to new insights and encounters with God’s presence. It restricts God to the boundaries of our experience. This was the heart of the serious error.

The God of Jesus does new things like creating a means of forgiveness and rescue at the Jordan River. The Sadducees, like many others of that day, did not see God’s hand in the ministry of John the Baptist, and they did not recognize God in the things Jesus did either. Their God was bound by their view of the past.

One has only to look into the past to see God has done new things in the past. Jesus even calls their attention to several things God had done. God appeared in a bush that burned without burning up. God used a sheepherder to lead a nation to freedom. 

God is unlimited in His power. He can do whatever He wants, however He wants, in whatever way He chooses. The tragedy for many is knowing about God without believing in Him. What a shame to miss out on all He has for us. If only we would surrender and submit to Him, His eternal life would flood our souls. 



“Dear Lord, don’t let me get set in my ways, I’m open to Your work and the way You want to bring it about.”