Mark 12:24

Preventing Spiritual Dullness



“. . .you do not understand Scriptures or the power of God?” Mark 12:24



Many believers have a sentimental and sincere faith, yet see little of the demonstration of God in their life. Their faith is based on affection, earnestness and effort, but there’s no life to their faith. So what’s missing?

The Sadducees were wealthy and worldly. Their arrogance and harshness were notorious. Their main concern was tending to their special privileges and not for doctrinal purity. They were the ones responsible for the buying and selling in the temple which Jesus had criticized and interrupted. It can be said the Sadducees were “sad-you-see,” because they knew the law, yet missed God entirely.

The streets today are filled with modern day Sadducees, whose faith lies dormant in their hearts and minds. A faith which never really gets up and walks. Their spirit has been dulled either by deep skepticism, which has jaded the heart, or an intellectual cynicism where only physical proof is the judge of reality. However, the true cause of spiritual dullness, named by Jesus, must not be overlooked.

Insensitivity to the Spirit

Without a genuine experience with the power of God, one remains without a foundation for faith in eternal life. The great proof of God’s power is the very thing the Sadducees called into question – the God who raises the dead. There must be an awakening again to the resurrection of Jesus. His power over death widens our vision of what God can do; it has given us a glimpse of life under new conditions.

Ignorance of scripture

The word of Jesus is that the scriptures contain the revelation of God. The sweep of scripture from Old Testament to New is God has pledged Himself to mankind to be his God and in that friendship of God there is the assurance of life eternal. This can only be known with spiritual insight. For many, the scriptural revelation of God in Christ is totally foreign or is so vague it’s powerless. All of the possibilities of the Christian life remain a mystery as long as our understanding of scripture remains shallow.



Are you familiar with the story Jesus references in verse 26? Do you know in which book of the Bible it’s found?