Mark 10:3

The Truth Behind the Truth



"What did Moses command you?" Mark 10:3



Christians get divorced too. So many sit in churches weighed down with so much guilt and grief they can hardly breathe. Through countless thoughts of regret, defeat, loss and hurt, they wish it could all be done over again. 


Still, the devastation of divorce is compounded by unceasing soul-searching questions about God: have I committed adultery? Have I sinned beyond His grace? Does God still love me? Will He ever have anything to do with me again? Will I ever remarry? Such questions twist and turn through our thoughts until truth is a tangled mess.


Seeing the truth means looking at things again for the first time.  Sometimes the truth about your circumstance resides behind what you assume is the truth and have never given it a second thought. Blocking your view of what is really true is what you think is true: your assumptions, ingrained beliefs, fears and needs. Courage is required to lift the curtain on what you believe in order to discover that the opposite behind it is true.

Divorce itself is painful enough, but when our belief about God is misguided the pain is intensified. It is necessary to see that what has long passed for truth really is not; it just hasn't been questioned and thus remains uncovered. The consequence for living and rubbing against the grain of truth is painful splinters.   


The truth is, God is not mad at you. Not now, not ever. The whole point of the divorce document was to avoid the charge of adultery should anyone remarry. Jesus makes this statement to argue the permanence of marriage, not to hurl accusations. Jesus loves by protecting the injured and elevating their worth. 


One day you may find your heart with deep scratches from trying to force self-hatred and condemnation into a place where the love of God fits. The wrath of God was poured out on Jesus, not on you or the divorce. He took the nails and the splinters of blame so the love of God would live within us.  God is generous beyond all reason.



Have you dared to make eye contact with the love of God? Looking right at His love for you is far better than living in suspended disbelief for years.