Mark 10:30

Thankfully, Everything Must Go



“but that he should receive a hundred fold . . .” Mark 10:30



We may not be called to give up family and possessions for the sake of Jesus, but the call comes in another way. We are called to set the things of the Spirit above the senses. We are called to surrender interest for divine duty. We are called to less rather than gain wealth by shady means. We are called to give up our ease, hobbies or pleasure to bring the gospel into the lives of others. We are called to be God’s men and women in regard to all our natural life and our relationships. That if persecution were to breakout and we were called to give up everything, we should do so at once, and without hesitation. 

Disciples recognize Jesus Christ is Lord and King and when, in our life, the rule of the crown is threatened, then in thankfulness, everything must go. And this sacrifice is not to be sadly or reluctantly made, but with joy and happiness. Like the treasure and the pearl, when found they sold all they had. They weren’t thinking of what they had to give up, but what they had to gain.

Not until we take what we love best, and lay it gladly at His feet, are we worthy of Him who gave up Heaven, emptying Himself of His glory, becoming poor for our sake, that we might be made rich. It’s the half-hearted who are miserable, those who keep back part of their life, those who love their life too much to surrender it to God, who lose Heaven.

But, if we are ready to make a full surrender, all we have given up comes back to us in multiplied ways, life returns to us in power. It’s as though something infinitely great breaks in on us, life suddenly has new meaning, sweetness and quality. If we try to get the best out of life without God, then there is no best in life to get. If we seek first His kingdom, all these things will be added.



What are the benefits of exchanging your life for His?