Mark 10:9

For Better or Forget it



"…what God has joined together," Mark 10:9



Throughout every nation in every society, people have gotten married. Every year there are beautiful weddings and ugly marriages.  In Jesus’ day the roles of men and women, in regard to marriage, were little understood or valued. To correct the state of marriage, Jesus casts a high, holy vision of matrimony. He refers to the original institution of marriage at creation as the union of a man and woman into a covenantal state.


There are few external forces to hold marriage together. The availability of quick divorce makes it easier for partners to break up and go their separate ways. Today marrying for better or worse has become for better or forget it.


Meditating on this verse is a good idea for those who are married or intend to be married. Marriage matters to Jesus. Of all the relationships in life, none should be regarded with more reverence than the union of two souls.


Marriage is at the same time a source of happiness and misery. There is no passage in life that benefits the soul more, if two people follow the will of the Lord. Yet there is great fallout when marriage is entered without remembering God’s design and the necessity of His presence to make the relationship work.


Failing to invite God to the wedding is the cause of much sorrow and heartache in marriages and the reason many continue to live in bitterness.  Inviting God into the marriage before it begins, first requires having God’s approval and blessing. Second, it requires keeping expectations low.   Remember, marriage is the union of two sinners and not two angels. We should seek holiness over happiness in each others’ lives. The greater the holiness in a couple’s life, the greater the happiness. “…Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her to make her holy…" (Ephesians 5:25-26)      



If you are married, have you thought about Christ’s place in your marriage? If you are single, have you planned to invite God to your wedding?