Mark 10:8

Finding Your Place



"…and the two will become one flesh." Mark 10:8



Divorce doesn't fit neatly into categories. The breakup of a marriage is emotionally charged with rejection, unfaithfulness, deceitfulness, hatred, bitterness, fear and lack of hope. Divorce breaks people and breaks the heart of God. It interrupts the perfect will of God and destroys His perfect design for what is meant to be the safest and most secure place to be human. 


Marriage is meant to be a place to live out unconditional love, and to learn what it is like to give rather than take. It's where we learn to be vulnerable to each other and experience what love can really be. Someone once said, "Love is when someone knows you well enough to destroy you and chooses not to." 


When "two become one flesh" is more than an idea. It is not a poetic line spoken at weddings among all the other stuff we say and don't mean while waiting for the cake to be cut. "Two become one flesh" is God’s design for His people. Marriage is a living, breathing picture of how He and His church are intimately and permanently connected. When connection is broken, it grieves God.


God doesn't hate people who've been divorced. He hates what divorce does to people. God hurts with the hurting, and brokenness and loss grieve the heart of God. When one heart is hardened toward another, a breakdown begins eventually leading to a breakup. This is a wake-up call to all.


For those who've been burned by abandonment and for those who are still together, for all the ones struggling to keep their relationship alive, get rid of the grudges.   Find your place in the healing, forgiving heart of God and keep your heart soft.  Soft hearts develop only as they beat in unison with God’s heart. Soft hearts love, care, forgive and listen. God’s heart causes a couples’ heart to beat as one flesh.



Are you carrying a grudge against your spouse or have you hardened your heart toward your mate?  Ask God to soften your heart towards each other.