Mark 10:21

Do I Have To Sell My Audi?



“. . . sell all you possess, and give to the poor. . .” Mark 10:21



There is something more abundant than abundance. Jesus was always warning His hearers against the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches. He knew how easily one could attach importance to the material life, and forget the simple purpose for which all of life exists.

Jesus makes this high, hard demand on the rich young ruler. If he was going to inherit eternal life, he was going to have to give up life as he had known it, sell what he had, give to the poor, and follow Him. That means immediate sacrifice, and Jesus knew it did. The young man had come to Jesus wanting something, Jesus saw he wanted it and showed him how to get it – take up the cross and follow Him. 

The young man was dissatisfied with the life he had lived so far, and Jesus knew he would go on being dissatisfied. The only hope for him was to follow the Spirit that had moved him to come, to follow its guidance all the way in total abandonment.

But the call found the ruler unprepared, the demand was too much. The one thing he was to do, was to be in unceasing pursuit of a lifelong direction. The eager look passes from his face, and disappointment settled in. He turned away sorrowful. 

We must not fall into thinking that Jesus’ advice is a literal, universal recipe. Some might have to sell the Audi, others may not. Either way we are to learn to hold our possessions loose enough so we can hear and obey the call to fuller life when it comes. We must remember that it’s ok to have possessions, as long as possessions don’t possess you.

Never fear letting go of others we have given an exalted place to, of possessions that have distorted our priorities, of pursuits that have misplaced our passion for living. Let go, give up, deny yourself and give, and infinitely more will be yours. And, if you are tempted to tighten your grip on your things and your flesh screams, “What shall I get in return for letting go?!” Then let your heart answer in faith, “I shall have God.”



What or who are you holding onto that’s keeping you from the greater life of God?