Mark 10:17

Your Heart and His Holiness



“. . . and knelt before Him, . . .” Mark 10:17



No doubt the young ruler had listened to the teaching of Jesus and had been deeply impressed by the beauty of His words and ministry. While others around him were careless and indifferent, he showed reverence to Jesus by kneeling before Him. 

He had applied himself to the rules and traditions of religion, but felt his life had been wasted away, around the keeping of petty obligations. And when he had fulfilled them all, he had been left unsatisfied and unfulfilled by the whole pursuit.

Though he was deeply versed in keeping the law, he was profoundly unaware of his own heart. He hears the Lord recite the commandments, and immediately declares, “all these I’ve kept since I was a boy.” The young ruler had looked at the law, but not through it, to see it was not fixed or firm, but a living, embodiment of the Spirit that had inspired it.

The searching nature of the moral law, its application to our thoughts and words, as well as our actions, are matters with which he was thoroughly unacquainted. The spiritual blindness in the young ruler is very common today.

There are many who claim to be followers of Jesus, but have no idea of their own sinfulness. They flatter themselves into believing they are good people. They’ve never murdered, stolen or given false witness. Therefore, they aren’t in danger of missing heaven. 

They forget the holy nature of God they are dealing with. They forget how often they sin, in temper, imagination, even when their outward conduct is correct. They avoid the convicting verses of scripture, or read it with a thick veil over their hearts, and neglect applying it to themselves. They are wrapped up in self-righteousness, they have acquired riches, followed the codes and commands, and have become self-satisfied.

So long as we think we can keep the law of God, Christ’s death and resurrection are estranged from us. Ignorance of the law and ignorance of the gospel are intertwined. If our hearts have been truly opened, we will never rest until we have found Christ.



Ask the Holy Spirit to show you your heart, and to show you God’s holiness and to show you your need for Christ.